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General English
The course is designed to develop your practical knowledge of the language and your ability to use it in everyday life. The Course will enrich your vocabulary and will focus on improving the four key skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading. The teaching methods used have been developed to maximise your progress, and combine effective exercises, tests, role plays and simulations with fun and enjoyment. Your teachers will use text books to guide you, but will bring a variety of topics to "life" by referring to other resources, such as articles in newspapers, video clips, internet and CDs. Your progress will be regularly monitored and you will receive frequent feedback, so that your programme could be adjusted to suit your individual needs and objectives.
Offered in:
All our Centres

Intensive General English
Extra exposure to English in the classroom will enable you to think in English, cutting down on time spent translating from your own language into English. More time with your teachers will make you more confident and will allow you to further develop fluency and accuracy through grammar, vocabulary, idioms and pronunciation. All lessons are creative and energising, allowing you to feel self-assured.
Offered in:
All our Centres

Super Intensive English
Super Intensive English course is aimed at accelerating your learning with maximum time in the classroom. The course will help you achieve your academic or career goals in the shortest possible time. The course activities will include presentations, stimulating discussions and debates, role-playing and problem solving and other challenging exercises. On this course you will benefit from the combination of core classes and specific skills classes. During your core skills classes you will work on your speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. You will be introduced to topics of casual and formal conversation to help you speak spontaneously and confidently in 'real-life' situations outside the classroom. Depending on your learning needs and interests you will choose from the range of specific skills classes that may include grammar, speaking, pronunciation, listening and many others.
Offered in:
PLI Toronto (Can)
PLI Vancouver (Can)

Individual lessons that provide you with the most personal approach, tailored according to your individual needs and requirements that enable you to achieve your own targets. You will receive undivided attention of the teacher and will be given feedback, encouragement and motivation to strengthen you weak points in the shortest possible time.
Offered in:
Majority of our Centres

Mini Group
Lessons in a small class (approximately 6 students) that give you more individual attention and opportunity to improve your level of English quickly. Through direct contact with your teacher you will find that your specific needs can be identified, monitored and met, allowing more feedback, encouragement and help. The flexibility of teachers combined with a small class size allows lessons to progress at a faster pace. You will improve your 'thinking time' – this is the time it takes you to listen, comprehend and respond, which is essential for your fluency.
Offered in:
Bloomsbury School (UK)
Wimborne School (UK)

Club 50+
The Club 50+ programme offers a complete package, exclusively for people aged 50 and over, who want to travel, meet like-minded people and improve their English. You will study in small classes, take part in group activities and have free time to create friendships with people from many different countries.
Offered in:
Hampstead School (UK)
Torquay Central School (UK)
Wimborne School (UK)
Vancouver Central School (Can)
Rosedale School (Can)

Academic Year or Academic Semester
On the Academic Year or Academic Semester you will benefit from long-lasting English fluency and experience living in English speaking country. Throughout the course you will receive the utmost level of monitoring, supervision and feedback, as well as a continuous assessment through tutorials, homework and progress and level tests. You will significantly improve your English language skills, broaden your field of vision and increase your career prospects.
Offered in:
Majority of our Centres

Structured Study
The Structured Study programme allows each student to customise their own independent learning activities in addition to the teacher-led sessions of their course. The variety of learning experiences offered broadens language competence and increases motivation and attention. Structured study activities can include practical language activities, regular monitoring and evaluation of goals, practice tests for students who are preparing for exams, project work and study clubs and guided Study menus.
Offered in:
Selected Centres in

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