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Oxford Summertown School

The school is housed in an elegant and traditional Edwardian building, located in a fashionable residential area, 10min walk from the city centre. Facilities include a multimedia centre, a study room and free wireless internet access as well as a coffee shop and large patio to relax in after class. You can even play football in the garden and courtyard behind the building.

School facilities
10 bright classrooms holding on average of 11 students each
Computer Room
Modern multimedia centre with 16 internet computers
Self - study Room & Library
Cafe serving drinks, lunches and snacks
Free Wi-Fi anywhere on premises
Student lounge, large patio, garden and courtyard
Large cinema screen in the student lounge
Courses Offered
English Courses University Preparation
General English
Intensive English
English for Business
Cambridge Exam Preparation (FCE)
IELTS Exam Preparation (Intensive or Supplementary)
Academic Year and Semester (General or Intensive)
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  • Distance to School: 30min
  • Minimum age: 16
  • Twin or Single Rooms
  • Half Board: 14 meals/week
  • Shared or Private Bathroom
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Bed Linen & Towels
  • Telephone & Internet available

Student Residence
  • Distance to School: 20min
  • Minimum age: 18
  • Single Room
  • Self Catering with kitchens
  • En-Suite or Shared Bathroom
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Bed Linen
  • Telephone & Internet available

Leisure Activities
The School organises an exciting programme of activities, where you can meet other students and learn about the city. A typical month may include trips to Oxford University, racing and football, river punting, conversational clubs, cinemas, theatres and museums. Weekend trips are also available to places of interest, such as London, Bath, Cambridge and even Paris, Scotland or Amsterdam.
Sample Programme:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Walking Tour of Oxford Cinema Night Visit to Oxford Colleges Salsa Party Punting on the River Cherwell Trip to London Trip to Stonehenge
Pub Tour The Big Quiz School BBQ Natural History Museum International Party Weekend in Paris Trip to Cambridge
Cost of excursions is not included in study programme.
Student Information
Minimum age

16 years

Student ages
Nationality Mix
Average age: 23

Student Testimonials
Yelena Avramenko,
"The teachers are very well educated and have plenty of experience. I particularly enjoyed the Structured Studies activities such as Portfolio Club, Writing and Grammar Clinic, Conversation Club and English history lectures."

Centre Photos

Course Lessons Price per week Start Dates
General English 20 General English + 7
Structured Study
£270 Every Monday
Intensive English 28 General English + 7
Structured Study
English for Business 20 General English + 8
Business English + 7
Structured Study
IELTS Exam Preparation Supplementary 20 General English + 8
IELTS + 7 Structured Study
IELTS Exam Preparation Intensive 28 IELTS + 7 Structured Study £315
Cambridge Exam Preparation FCE 28 FCE + 7 Structured Study £315
Course price includes: orientation meeting, use of computer room and internet, placement and progress testing, end of course certificate.


Homestay £ per week
Single Room
Half board (14 meals/week)
Twin Room
Half board (14 meals/week)
Single Room
Half board (14 meals/week)
Private Bathroom
Note: Twin room is only available to 2 students booking together.
Student Residence £ per week
Mansion Mews
Single Room, No meals
Cambridge Terrace Oxford
Studio, No meals
Cambridge Terrace Oxford
Premier Studio, No meals
Cambridge Terrace Oxford
Two bedroom flat, No meals
Note: Twin room is only available to 2 students booking together.

  • Christmas supplement (20th - 27th Dec) £60 per week
  • Summer supplement (1st Jun - 1st Sept) £30 per week
  • Homestay special diet £40 per week
  • Homestay close to school £60 per week
  • Registration fee £100
  • Accommodation fee £80
    Duty fee £100
  • Visa document courier fee £90
  • Visa registration fee £20

Airport Transfer
  • Heathrow £165
  • Luton/Stansted £230
  • Gatwick £220
  • one way per person
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