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Executive Courses

Intensive Executive Courses in Mini Groups plus English for Business and Specialised Subjects
The Executive Courses are developed for working professionals with a busy lifestyle, wishing to improve their English language skills necessary to succeed in a business world. This courses offers a combination of an Intensive General English with English for Business, and any Specialised subject (Specialised subjects being: Business Communication, Finance and Banking, Management, Marketing and Sales, Medical Practice, Legal Practice). The advantage of this courses is that you are studying in a small class of students with the same level of English and an interest in a particular subject. Mini groups gives you an opportunity to intensively practise and improve your English as well as your presentation skills in front of the audience within a short period of time.
Offered in:
Wimborne School (UK)

Intensive Executive Courses in Mini Groups plus Individual Tuition
On this courses you will take advantage from Intensive General English classes taught in mini groups and in one-to-one lessons. You will benefit from the individual attention and approach tailored specifically to your personal needs and goals. You will develop your skills in listening, writing and speaking, as well as enrich your vocabulary, and improve English language skills in the area of your professional interest. It is the perfect option if you have specific targets or limited time. It is particularly convenient for professionals and executives preparing for a trip abroad, or negotiations and presentations in English language.
Offered in:
Bloomsbury School (UK)
Wimborne School (UK)
Rosedale School (Can)
Vancouver Central School (Can)

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