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Hi, I am Richard and I am the Academic Director here at Hove School of English in Brighton. I am originally from the south coast of England, but I have lived and worked in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France and Japan. I really enjoy meeting people from all over the world, so working at Hove School of English is my perfect job! I have been teaching English for quite a few years now and I love the motivation and energy of foreign students. For now, I'm really enjoying living back home in England, but sometimes I still get itchy feet!

Brighton is an excellent city with lots of fun things to do all year round. You will be able to make lots of new friends here and learn about different cultures from around the world. I really love the endless amount of bars and restaurants in Brighton, plus the shopping is great and of course there is the beach (a bit chilly in winter mind you)! You'll never be bored in Brighton. I look forward to meeting you! Cheers

Hi. I am David and I have been teaching English here at Hove School of English in Brighton for the last couple of years. Speaking a second language is not only a pretty useful skill – but it is also one of the great pleasures in life. And one of the great pleasures in teaching English here in Brighton is seeing students visibly grow in confidence as their English improves and they begin to enjoy using their English outside the classroom - in the street, at parties, in shops and on the telephone. Learning English is hard work - but it can be fun, too. And what better place to learn than Brighton!

Actually, I appreciate teachers methods of instruction. They give us a lot of advices in order to find and fill our weakness. So, Hove School of English provides a good foundation and helps each student to develop their English knowledge.

Moreover, there are several little groups to learn in good condition where the level of the students determined the speed of the lesson. The location of the school is ideal because it is near the shops, pubs and it is easy to meet new people to improve your English.

There are different resources like library and classrooms with computers to study English and to have an internet conversation including MSN, Skype etc. That is also useful to prepare an exam for example TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS.

To summarise, Hove School of English allows the students to improve their English level very quickly in a nice atmosphere with friendly teachers.

Young, cosmopolitan and less than 1 hour from London, Brighton is an ideal town for international students eager to learn English. Located on the seaside, the atmosphere is pretty laid back and people are kind and friendly. What’s more, Brighton has a very exciting nightlife.

Hove School of English is a very professional School. All the staff are very kind and friendly and the teachers are well prepared and competent. The schools facilities are excellent and the situation is perfect for students wanting to pass the internationally recognised exams like the Cambridge or IELTS exams.

Moreover, I had a great time with my host family, which has been really nice and attentive and welcoming. They’ve made me feel comfortable and put me at ease since the first day.

Finally, in addition to the great social programme provided, I particularly appreciated the fact that the school helps students who are looking for job opportunities. Thanks to the School, I found a work experience placement in the British company, which will give me the chance to apply my English skills in a professional context.

To sum up, Brighton is doubtlessly a town that I would recommend to people willing to learn English in the UK.

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