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The School has been established for 40 years, the Academic Principal and core teaching staff have all worked here for many years and have a wealth of experience in helping students from all over the world to gain confidence in speaking and dramatically improve their English. The academic management team, senior teachers and teachers are all qualified to the highest EFL level (Cambridge DELTA) and can combine proven methods of teaching with the latest technology in interactive whiteboards.

Of course students will benefit not only from our experienced and qualified teaching staff but also from the experience and care of our Social Club and Accommodation Departments. Over the years they have dealt with thousands of students and know how to make your stay in England safe, interesting and useful for your future.

My advice to students learning English - Expose yourself to as much English as possible especially spoken English for example: BBC World Service, BBC News. Put your Facebook page into English and try to use it with friends, and above all, if you get a chance to speak English don’t be shy (you cannot improve in any language if you are afraid to make mistakes). Good luck and we hope to welcome you into our school one day!

I’m having a fantastic experience learning English at school. The classes are small, often no more than 10 students per class so teachers have lots of interaction with the students. I’m making rapid progress.

My homestay family make my stay very special. They treat me like their own daughter and always include me in family outings.

The school social club organises many excursions to different places in the UK which are great opportunity make friends with other students from around the world who may not be in my class.

I like to visit London at least twice a month to go shopping and visit the theatre to see musicals. I recently returned Munich, Germany where I visited the famous Oktoberfest Beer festival.

I love this school because I’m making very fast progress learning English. I came to improve my speaking and writing skills to prepare for my Masters Degree in Logistics and Transport which I’m doing at Istanbul University later this year.

I need a high level of English for my future career and the school has given me the confidence and encouragement to improve my skills.

I enjoy Ramsgate because it’s a small town with a holiday atmosphere. I will miss the peace and quiet when I move to Istanbul.

I’ve made lots of friends here from all over the world but best of all is the friendship with my host family. They have made me very welcome in their home and helped me understand the culture here.

I am having a wonderful experience at school. Ramsgate is a small town with a quiet atmosphere which makes it a relaxed place to learn English. My teacher (Jerome) is very intelligent and funny guy. Because his lessons are entertaining, learning is a lot of fun. I am recommending all my friends to study here.

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