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I chose Sydney Manly School because a friend of mine who had already studied here told me that it was a good place to study. At the moment I am in the Intensive English class – Intermediate level. I will be finishing soon.

I enjoy my course as the lessons are interesting – the teachers never give us the opportunity to be bored. There is something new every lesson. We have the opportunity to learn about other cultures. The staff here has helped me by answering any and all of my questions whenever I have asked them. It’s important to have this service when you are abroad – to have access to help –and they really helped!

Not only are the teachers highly-educated –they are friendly too. We do many activities. As a student in the classes you can feel free to ask a question of them anytime if you don’t understand anything. My English has improved as I now am not afraid to speak in English. It helps a lot that everyone around you speaks English too. In this situation you have to do it too –so you’re not afraid

My host family in homestay is very kind and polite; they are interested in my interests. Every Sunday they take me to the beach and we go for long walks and talks. My homestay mother asks me often about what I like to eat and cooks it for me. My homestay family tells me a lot about Australia and the places of interest where I can go. I have my own room in Dee Why, not far from the bus stop or from the School. The area is very quiet – only 5 minutes by car to the beach.

The best thing about studying with students from around the world is that I have got to know a lot about other countries. Now I have new friends from other countries such as Brazil, Korea, Japan and Germany.

This year I will be entering a degree course in International Economics so my English needs to be at a high level. After this course I am now more comfortable operating in English – I’m not afraid to speak – I now know more words. Come to Sydney Manly School!

I had an excellent experience studying and living in Manly. The school has friendly and professional
staff who make it easy to learn. I think studying here was the right choice.

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