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My name is Sabine Waldmeier and I’m 22 years old. I live in Switzerland where I’m a kindergarten teacher. My reason to come over here was to improve my English and to get to know this beautiful country and its people’s lifestyle. I was always impressed with the nature in Australia. It was clear for me that I’d like to live with a homestay family. I think that gives you the best opportunity to look into a culture and to practise your English more. I also wanted to look after children so I could add to my work experience as a kindergarten teacher. This might give me an opportunity to work in an international kindergarten in Switzerland. But not just that, I really love children and working with them. So I was recommended to do “demi au-pair”, which meant that I could go to school and take care of children. In this programme I only needed to work 15 hours per week because I had to go to school. At first I didn’t know about this program and I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t have much time for my study. But there was no problem at all. My homestay family cared about me very much and made sure I always had time for myself. I can really recommend this experience as a “demi au-pair”. I enjoyed my time with my homestay family and the school.

Now, something about my study at West Perth School. This school offers a lot of opportunities to learn English. You can study in different ways. There are many computers, recorders and also a whole media library. The West Perth School have a special Travelling Classroom. You travel with one teacher and a guide up to the North West of WA to Ningaloo Reef for 8 days and you are also not absent from school because you are studying with the teacher “on the road”. At the same time you can meet many new people.

The teachers are lovely and helpful and I liked the way they taught me. I improved my English faster than I ever imagined. I started in pre-intermediate level and progressed to upper-intermediate, which made me very happy and proud of myself. That’s not all; I also enjoyed the Business course for five weeks, which the school offered for intermediate or upper- intermediate students. So I got a great impression of what business is about.

The administration staff are always available at any time for all students and are very kind. They helped me in each situation and gave me some good advice. I want to say thank you to the whole school for everything. It was an unforgettable time that I will always remember.

I had a fantastic time. My host parents are very nice, and spending time with them helps me improve my English and experience how Australians live.

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