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Malta is a \'have to\' choice for any language student looking to improve their language skills in a warm, intriguing and fun place. Discover the mysteries of the island\'s 7000 years of history, or relax in the warm Mediterranean sun - whatever your preference, I guarantee you will have a memorable experience studying here.

I became a teacher 5 years ago after a career in business which took me over the world for 30 years. I enjoy the interaction with my students. The job is challenging and extremely rewarding. I work with a great team of colleagues from all the different departments. There is a positive attitude and we all try to help each other. I enjoy the fact that each day is different and that I come into contact with business students from different parts of the world.

I am Jo Woo and I have followed a multi destination course, during the course I spent about 5 months in Malta and 7 months in Cambridge. After my course I managed to achieve a 7.5 in IELTS. Both schools I studied in had their advantages. Cambridge is a fantastic place to study, its surroundings create a sort of student feel and there are also many facilities such as universities and cafes where one can study.

Malta is a perfect place to meet foreign friends and enjoy studying and practicing English by socializing with other students. I have learnt a lot whilst studying which will help me when I start university at the University of Holland. Through this experience I have also made many friends which I will defiantly keep in touch with in the future. I will definitely recommend both schools to anyone who would like to study English.

I\'m at St. Julian\'s School of English since one month and I would definitely recommend it. The teachers are very good and give us a lot of homework to improve our English. I enjoy the weather in Malta, going to Paceville and that there are so many students. I like the teachers and the various activities. In class we deal with all the different parts of English: listening, grammar, reading, speaking. My favorite activity was the Welcome Dinner and I will definitely study English again in another country. Enjoy your time in Malta and always try to speak in English!

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