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Our Times Square School is a fabulous place to work! As a Business English and General English teacher, I have the privilege of working with seasoned professionals, young professionals and university graduates from all different cultures and walks of life. The richest part of my job is that I too am constantly learning while I am teaching! School has an energy and excitement generated by the combination of great students and great teachers. It is truly a rewarding experience.

The ESL classroom is a rich, dynamic experience, and I constantly marvel at how the magic of New York City brings learning to a whole new level. Beyond the classroom, our students discover the array of opportunities here – exotic new dishes, exclusive museum tours, famous operas, and Broadway shows. Here they also uncover unique little treasures off the beaten path – small black box theaters, street and subway performances, and one-time lecture opportunities, among so many more. The Big Apple boasts a classroom like no other.

Hi! My name is Yi Rum Kim and I have been studying at Times Square School for about 4 months. The reason why I decided to learn English is that I hope I’ll manage to work for an international company after graduating from university. While I’m studying at school, my English has improved pretty much, so it has helped me meet my future goal.

It is no exaggeration to say that New York City is the best city in the world. It is filled with a lot of sightseeing places, fashion boutiques and restaurants. New York has a very lively atmosphere. The best thing is that the School is located on Broadway overlooking Times Square, which is a symbol of New York city.

I started my class from Intermediate level, and now I’m in an advance class. Therefore, I would say my English has improved since coming to New York. I have been on activities which are called ‘Breakfast Club’ we can get talking with schoolmates and teachers and start our day practising our English. I’ve made friends form different countries, so I’ve experience various cultures. The coolest thing is that we can communicate with each other by speaking English. I definitely recommend the Times Square School to students who want to student English and experience something new.

Hi! My name is Wook-Jin Hwang and I am from Seoul in Korea. I have studied English at Times Square School for about seven months. Last summer, I decided to go abroad to learn English which is getting important to live in the world. There were many choices to improve my English skills like other cities in America or other countries. However, I preferred to come to New York, which is called the capital of the world, because I wanted to experience lots of things that I had never done before.

As soon as I came to New York, the things that I dreamt of came true. New York has provoked me to hang out every day with my classmates. The school has a well-organised activity program which has enabled us to visit the Museum of Modern Art, Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Empire state Building altogether as a class. It is easy to get along with friends from all over the world, because the environment in the school is very harmonious. Therefore, I can experience many cultures though a relationship with my friends at school.

The main purpose of coming to New York is to improve my English, considering this, New York was a reasonable choice. Teachers in the school are responsible. They are always concentrating on whether students are making enough efforts to improve their English. Also, they are very kind whenever I visit them to ask something. As for the classes, I have studied a Cambridge course, General English course and a Оne-to-Оne course. During the course, the teachers helped me to improve my English a lot. They are very passionate and teach us with devotion. One-to-Оne
classes were very beneficial for me, as they helped me improve what I am not good at. I want to say “THANK YOU” to all the teachers, as they gave us good opportunities to learn English and experience
various cultures.

I like the school and the teachers. We are learning with fun. Every teacher is motivated. I think we learn a lot. It's a great city and you can do whatever you want. There is something for every taste. You can enjoy the nature in Central Park, you can go shopping, walk near the Hudson River, see a musical etc. I like the teachers because they are really motivated. You can have fun and learn at the same time. There are many students so you make friends. The classrooms are nice. I like my class. We learn a lot and we grade our pronunciation up. In the afternoon I like the business class and the Cambridge course. There are many places I like, for example the boats on the Hudson or the 230 on the 5th Avenue. My favorite activity was going to the US open game! My accommodation was near school, Times Square, Empire State. I would come back to Times Square School again.

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