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Take a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, bike along the waterfront; explore neighborhoods from the Castro to the North Beach to the Mission. Enjoy the natural beauty, the multicultural mix, and an open-minded welcoming atmosphere that makes San Francisco a favorite destination for visitors from around the World.

I love teaching English and living in San Francisco for some of the same reasons that I love learning languages. They're all ideally suited for exploring new ideas, cultures, and different ways of being in this world. And San Francisco, with its rich cultural history and multicultural and multilingual communities, provides a perfect setting for exploration. The beautiful hilly city scape, the long stretch of coast line and bright winter sunshine all more than make up for the summer fog.

I enjoy the challenge of planning and teaching lessons that challenge my students in using and improving their English and also support them in exploring new places and ideas. I love it when the learning in my classroom catches on fire!

Not only is San Francisco an ideal location, it offers an excellent school - San Francisco Central. I study here for 3 months to get the Cambridge Advanced Certificate. The school itself offers spacious classrooms, a comfortable hang space as well as an abundant technical supply. However, the essential core is the extremely friendly, helpful and sophisticated staff! They are happy to assist you any time. This carries over to the teachers, who are keen on seeing students improve. Furthermore, the school offers a daily afternoon/evening program. Thus, it is so easy to get in touch with other students and build friendships! All in all - I am really enjoying my time here in San Francisco!

One of the best things about San Francisco Central is that there are many activities organized for students to enjoy and experience. The teachers are very friendly and San Francisco is a great city for non-stop enjoyment.

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